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New York Sportsman's Show
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The Oncenter, Syracuse, NY
January 16-18, 2015
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Iraq War Veteran and author John Ready
A chronicle of the beginning of the Iraq War, when the US Military was flush with its success in toppling the regime of Saddam Hussein. The victory became tarnished as warring political and tribal factions transformed the “Land Between Two Rivers” into the Superbowl for terrorism. 

Caught in this firestorm was a tiny, but determined, Civil Affairs unit that took on the momentous task of rebuilding schools, medical clinics, and mosques around the periphery of Baghdad International Airport, during 2003-2004. It’s the kind of effort the media never covered. 

This is a chronicle of the insane, stupid, humorous, surreal, and tragic events that befell this band of brothers and sisters on their journey through Iraq Reconstruction.

Sponsor of the Official 3D Archery Range
Appearing at the 2015 NY Sportsman's Show!
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Frank Addington, Jr. is known as "The Aspirin Buster" for his famous and unique brand of "bow and arrow razzle dazzle". Addington has been shooting a bow since age 4 and went professional at the age of 18.  
Addington is the first archer in the history of the sport to hit a baby aspirin from mid air from behind his back!  He presents 30 minutes of various archery feats including multi- targets, multi-arrows and large objects down to the baby aspirin- all done with his bow behind his back.  
In January 2015 he is bringing his show to the New York Sportsman Show and you will have the opportunity to see Frank perform live.  See why rock and roll legend Ted Nugent dubbed Addington, ".. the master".  Seeing is believing- see you at the show!

The Master-Archer Frank Addington Jr.

Charles Alsheimer is an award-winning outdoor writer, nature photographer, lecturer, and whitetail consultant from Bath, New York. Alsheimer was born and raised on a farm and has devoted his life to photographing, writing and lecturing about the wonders of God’s creation. His specialty – both as a writer and photographer – is the white-tailed deer. 

He is the senior contributing editor for Deer and Deer Hunting magazine and contributing host of their national television show, Deer & Deer Hunting TV, which airs on NBC-Sports network. He is also a contributing editor for Whitetail News and The Christian Bowhunter magazines.